Chubu Ocarina Society

The Chubu Ocarina Society was established in August 1996 by 250 ocarina lovers belonging to 16 different groups. Despite its inconspicuous start, the society has grown into the only amateur ocarina society consisting of 600 members who mostly belong to 47 different groups, although 23 joined independently.@The society aims to give music lovers a chance for fellowship with each other through playing the ocarina, thus improving their quality of life as well as their ocarina performances. These aims are achieved through the following three main activities:

Ocarina festivals: Concerts performed by the members of the Society. A special concert was held in 2003 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first annual ocarina concert in 1993 to which the Chubu Ocarina Society owes its genesis.

Ocarina journals: Published in order to introduce new groups and members of the Society; provide information about forthcoming performances and various events organized by the Society; and exchange information about the ocarina through special articles and features about the instrument.

Workshops: Forums where the members of the Society can learn about the ocarina. Each year various lecturers and enthusiasts are invited to the workshops to give lessons and perform to the members.

These three activities are organized by nine volunteer staff members. Our homepage can be accessed freely. We look forward to your visit.